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Fitness Moves in the Gym
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Get Active!

Jason Smith - Owner of Get Active Fitnes

Hi, I’m Jason, Lead Trainer & Creator of Get Active Fitness. I’m a qualified Personal Trainer based in Kendal in the beautiful Lake District, providing non-intimidating fitness services for people of all ages struggling to get motivated, lacking in self confidence or in need of a helping hand.

I know how it feels to be singled out & feel as though you're not part of the group. I've been a member of different clubs & had PT sessions myself where I felt judged on my look & performance. Groups such as these claim to be for 'beginners', yet they don't have the patience, emapthy or really take the time to understand you in order to help you become the best version of yourself.


I believed there had to be a better, more inclusive way to create a fitness community - one that was open to all, built on reliable support, professional guidance, friendly encouragement & most importantly... no egos! It was at that point Get Active was born.

I understand with our busy modern lives, along with uncertainties, financial struggles, parenting & emotional difficulties, just how hard it can be to find the time & motivation to focus on your fitness. But that's why I’m here to support & empower you in overcoming those boundaries. I will help you to set & achieve realistic health & fitness goals in a friendly, fun & inspiring setting, by providing education on your body, nutrition & improving your mindest. You'll be surprised what you will learn...


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